Venue 5126 is your Dog Friendly Wedding Venue

Enjoy your wedding with every member of your fur family at our dog friendly wedding venue in the suburbs of Chicago at Venue 5126 in Oswego, Illinois. Venue 5126 is an elegant, rustic country barn venue, perfect for your upcoming wedding and reception! Enjoy our exclusive 7-acres of picturesque farmland with our barn and two outdoor ceremony spaces.  Along with the beautiful scenery and elegant barn, we have a friendly staff that will make your family their own, and go above & beyond to make your wedding an unforgettable day.

If there is one thing we love unconditionally here at Venue 5126 it is dogs! Watching newly weds walk down the aisle with their fur baby is truly magical and we welcome it with open arms.

Whether your ceremony is outside in the barn your dogs are more then welcome to join your big day!

Venue5126 creek brings a family-friendly vibe that’ll have your pup’s tail wagging. And you can always dress them up in a cute suit, for a perfect pic to show your grandpuppies someday.

One thing that will make your wedding feel like utter perfection? Having your dogs there by your side!

Our staff has helped the couple’s dogs walk down the aisle, helped facilitate dogs being ring bearers, and have provided assistance in planning the couple’s grand entrance, which of course included their four-legged best friend.

From tiny Pomeranians to large Great Danes we can accommodate any size! We truly love all dogs here at Venue 5126 so make sure to ask. our day of coordinator for help planning your dog into your day.

Enjoy your wedding with every member of your fur family at our Dog Friendly Wedding  Venue!

We can’t wait to meet you and your furry best friends!

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