Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venue

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Venue at Venue 5126

Enjoy your wedding at our Beautiful, Outdoor Wedding Venue in the

Suburbs of Chicago at Venue 5126 | Oswego, Illinois


Enjoy our exclusive 7-acres of picturesque farmland with two beautiful, outdoor wedding venue ceremony spaces!


Our Pergola overlooks our neighbors 500 acres of beautiful farmland, switching between corn and soybean. Not only is this a

beautiful outdoor ceremony space, but it a fabulous spot for golden hour photos post-ceremony.


With our extensive Rental Boutique you can transform this outdoor space into the enchanted

aisle you’ve always dreamed of walking down.


Our second outdoor ceremony space is located on the east side of our property, in an open field with gorgeous trees and other

greenery in the distance. This space is currently being moved and will be available for the 2023 wedding season.


This ceremony space is another great example of where you can take advantage of our Rental Boutique with unique structures that fit

perfectly into nature’s gorgeous landscape.


From east to west our property is covered with gorgeous scenery for first looks, family portraits, and guest selfies!

As a result, no matter where you walk around our 7 acres, you will always find a photo op behind you.


Even after the sun sets, there is a dreamy sense of wonder on our patio with gorgeous lighting and two beautiful, brick fire pits.


Finally, end your night outside with a sparkler send off! Venue 5126 has so much to offer with our outdoor ceremony spaces and

we will make your beautiful outdoor wedding venue experience picturesque from start to finish!

Email us at or call us at 630-554-7100 to book a tour with us!

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